Back from ForestSAT'2018, Univ. of Maryland, USA


The ForestSAT’2018 Conference was organized by the University of Maryland and the NASA Goddar Space Flight Center at USA, Washington D.C. during 5 days (1-5 October 2018). Many of us from DYNAFOR, CESBIO and ONERA Toulouse were there. The program of the conference was really exciting with talks on all the subjects: large area mapping, forest structure and biomass, forest biodiversity assessment, forest composition and phenology, change detection and disturbances, forest in the global carbon cycle… with optical time series, LiDAR, UAV, SAR data. It provided us a good overview of the current research works on this topic. It was also the opportunity to meet other scientists and present our lastest works.

Oral presentation:

  • Karasiak N., Sheeren D., Dejoux J.F., FĂ©ret J.B., Willm J., Monteil C., Is ground-based phenology of deciduous tree species consistent with the temporal pattern observed from Sentinel-2 time series?


  • Herrault P.-A., Thierion V. and Sheeren D., Using the new French Land Cover Map (OSO) as spatial inputs in forest ecological modeling.
  • Sheeren D., Thierion V. and Herrault P.-A., Quality assessment of MODIS Vegetation Continuous Fields of Tree Cover over France.
  • Aval J., Fabre S., Zenou E., Sheeren D., Fauvel M. and Briottet X., An ensemble classifier approach for urban tree species classification from ground-based spectral references.